Fr, 01.10.2021
RIPE & RUIN - Nachholtermin vom 06.03.
Einlass: 18:00 | VVK: 15 EUR | TICKETSmiley face
Artist and venues are inseparable!
And so we had this idea. We came up with something that WE could do to support one of our favorite places in our hometown... the Molotow!
On the 06.03.2021 we'll be playing a show! A real one... with real people... really loud! (probably with 3 new albums recorded during quarantine). The tickets will be sold for 15 bucks.
BUT HERE'S THE CLOU: you can either buy the normal ticket, come to our show and have a good time OR you get yourself the SOLI-TICKET!
This one goes for 20 bucks. The extra 5 will go straight to the Molotow to support them. Furthermore we'll be offering different bundles in our shop. EVERYTHING from vinyls to shirts will be a lot cheaper if you're getting it together with that amazing SOLI-TICKET!
So what the f*** are you waiting for?! Visit our shop and get your ticket now!
Dock 7:
We know it's still a long time, but at least we'll alll have something that we can look forward to!
Love, Ripe & Ruin
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