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Fatso Jetson is an American desert rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1994 by Yawning Man members Mario Lalli and Larry Lalli, along with Tony Tornay ( Solarfeast, Deep Dark Robot). They are often credited as the fathers of the desert strain of stoner rock later made most famous by their slightly younger neighbours Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.[1] While sometimes musically similar to the heavy riffing rock of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson incorporate a broad variety of musical influences that includes jazz, experimental pop, blues, punk and surf.
The band has toured extensively in Europe in the last 10 years but are legendary for the underground generator powered shows in the early nineties.
Fatso Jetson is also noted for its contributions to the early editions of the Desert Sessions recordings. The songs “Millionaire” and “Monster in the Parasol” and “ were co written by the band and Mario Lalli. These songs were eventually covered by The Queens of the Stone Age exposing Fatso Jetson to a larger audience.

Fatso Jetson’s live performances are torched with angular punk energy, dirty heavy blues and sonic exploration jam sessions.

High Desert Queen

High Desert Queen has begun making "waves" on the live music scene with their high energy performance and their unique "Texas Desert Rock" sound. After releasing just one song and only a handful of live shows, the band was contacted by Blasko (A&R of Ripple Music, Bassist for Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Zakk Sabbath) and was quickly signed to Ripple Music. Their debut album titled "Secrets of the Black Moon" will be released on Oct. 15th, 2021.
High Desert Queen was formed when singer Ryan Garney and guitarist Rusty Miller went looking for for a rhythm section to help complete some songs they had been working on. The stars aligned just right when Garney met drummer Phil Hook (Monte Luna) who quickly came on board. Now with HDQ adding Bobby Kirk to help with guitar and vocals, as well as Morgan Miller to hold it down on bass, HDQ is ready to elevate their play.
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