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Fr, 05.07.2019

+ DJ Gregg Breth (Schliemanns Soundbox)
Einlass: 21:00 | VVK: 12 | TICKETSmiley face | TICKET 2Smiley face | AK: 15
With members from both Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA, THE DARTS have exploded onto the scene with a fiercely classic sound that invests deeply in late 60’s garage, with tones of horror and psychedelic rock. Live THE DARTS hurtle out their songs with wreck-less abandon of a freight train about to run off the rails, but thanks to their calculated musicianship it becomes a seamless trajectory of a groovin’ hooks and danceable boogie back beats.
Forming in early 2016 after vocalist/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne (The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero) and bassist Christina Nunez (The Love Me Nots, The Madcaps) decided, following the end of their band, The Love Me Nots, to finally put together the all girl band that had been talking about for years. Tapping some of their favorite players for the project, like drummer Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, Thee Outta Sites) the band quickly wrote and self-released two debut EPS back to back.
Shortly after the band was signed to notable UK garage label, Dirty Water Records and in 2017 released their first full length album, “Me.Ow.” to international acclaim. THE DARTS have crisscrossed both the US and Europe constantly since, playing festivals such as Sjock Fest, Roots and Roses Fest, Down At The Nightclub Fest, Relache, and Munster Looney Fest.
In June 2018, legendary label Alternative Tentacles Records, joined forces with with Laurenne's newly formed American arm of Dirty Water, Dirty Water Records USA, to release THE DARTS first 7” record, “Subsonic Dream w/ Bullet”. Biafra even invited THE DARTS to perform at his sold out birthday show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
With a new record album on March 2019, THE DARTS will be back for a new European Tour

The Black Drongos are a wild 60s garagepunk monster from Hamburg which will make you drool! For your pleasure, they twang out a primitive blend of Rock'n'Roll, raw beat punk and dirty lo-fi trash with some frantic surf guitars. Juliette, Orsen and Zord stumbled upon each other at a renowned mystical cellar bar in St. Pauli to find out that they had the same dilettant yet charming ideas on how to cause an aural ruckus! Watch out for their distorted and torrid thunderstorm!
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