Sa, 30.05.2020
Punk Rock Cocktail
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They originate from the industrial town of Immingham on the east coast of northern England. The group were originally formed under the name of Low Culture in 2010 and changed their name to Ming City Rockers - inspired by The Clash song song Clash City Rockers - two years later. They released their début single Chic & The Motherfuckers.

Ming City Rockers' debut and self-titled studio album was released on 15 September 2014. Chic and The Motherfuckers, I Wanna Get Outta Here But I Can't Take You Anywhere and Rosetta were recorded at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield in February 2013. The rest of the album was recorded in September 2013 at Tesla Studios, also in Sheffield.

Their second album, Lemon, recorded and produced by Steve Albini, was released on 1 April 2016 and featured songs like 'sell me a lemon' and 'All I wanna do is waste my time with you'

Born in a crossfire hurricane of toxic petrochemical stench and budget-price hairspray, Ming City Rockers, underdog children of Austerity Britain, are on the rise. Musically, they're raucous good fun, harking back to the likes of Detroit garage heroes MC5 and the glammy New York Dolls.
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