Di, 22.02.2022
GOAT GIRL (UK) - Abgesagt
Einlass: 19:00 | VVK: 16 EUR | TICKETSmiley face
Hey everyone,
We’re really sorry to say that despite a lot of hard work to try and make it work as of today it would not be possible to play to our shows planned for a months time in Europe due to the ongoing restrictions.Things are tough at the moment and we were so much looking forward to seeing you all, but, we need to hang on a little longer. Full refunds will be available from the point of purchase and hopefully it’ll be all the more sweeter when we finally make it out of here to play for you! Thanks for your ongoing patience and support, love, GG x
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  • 22.2.    GOAT GIRL (UK) - Abgesagt