Sa, 07.08.2021

Einlass: 18:00 | VVK: 13 EUR | TICKETSmiley face | AK: 16 EUR
Gefördert von Neustart Kultur, Initiative Musik und der BKM
Gefördert im Rahmen des Kultursommers Hamburg.

Defining L´Eclair´s music style would prove to be tricky but the sextet from Geneva sure likes to have it the groovy way. Since their debut LP "Cruise Control" in 2017, the band has been shaping its own vision of instrumental music, drawing inspiration from the past and the future and fearlessly blending genres. Their 2018 sophomore album "Polymood" was a hi-fi-but-crunchy studio adventure with the well-known record engineer/wizard Jasper Geluk (Altin Gün, Mauskovic Dance Band) while "Sauropoda", released in 2019 on Bongo Joe, was more of a DIY attempt to recreate the band´s live percussion - heavy organic house jams. They also released a collaborative 7inch with The Mauskovic Dance Band that same year. L´Eclair has toured extensively those albums in Europe, bringing the Swiss groove to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg and the UK. They have also played major festivals such as the Montreux Jazz festival, Bad Bonn Kilbi, Les Transmusicales in Rennes, Eurosonic, Copenhagen Jazz festival, etc...Not feeling like resting yet, L´Eclair has a new EP set for release in spring on Bongo Joe. It´s titled "Noshtta" and like everything the band has done before, it is crafted to make you danc and cry at the same time.

Der Zugang zum Konzert wird euch nur gewährleistet mit einem der folgenden Nachweise:
- negativer PCR- bzw. Schnelltest (jeweils max. 48h alt)
- Impfnachweis (Hinweis: Der vollständige Impfschutz besteht erst nach 14 Tagen nach der 2ten Impfung)
- Genesenennachweis
Weiterhin besteht die Pflicht zum tragen einer Maske.
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