Mi, 19.10.2022
THE SLACKERS (US) - Nachholtermin vom 19.10.20
Einlass: 19:00 | VVK: 20 EUR | TICKETSmiley face | AK: 25 EUR
The Slackers are a sextet based out of New York City. They mix together ska, reggae, soul, and rock n roll. Balancing strong rhythms with classic songwriting and poignant contemporary lyrics.
Since 1991, the Slackers have released fifteen albums and countless singles, while their 1000s of live performances feed their fans with energetic sets of ecstatic music. The press agrees: Modern Vinyl says “For some bands, hitting 25 years together seems light years away. For The Slackers, it’s a cause for celebration. The band is deeply rooted within the ska movement, while their 'Jamaican Rock n’ Roll' sound sets them apart from many bands today."
Other press state that the Slackers are “the best ska band in the world” (Rude International), “the pick of the US
crop” (Metal Hammer), “the sound of New York’ (New York Times), “is about as close to perfect as it gets” (Ink 19), and “one of the best bands in the United States” (axs.com).
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