Do, 21.07.2022
Special Guest: THE MANGES (ITA)
Gefördert von Neustart Kultur, Initiative Musik und der BKM
Einlass: 19:00 | VVK: 14 EUR | TICKETSmiley face | AK: 17 EUR
For over thirty years, several releases, dozens of international tours and
hundreds of shows, Chixdiggit! has only ever wanted to have the most fun
Originally conceived as a Tshirt logo that three friends could sell at their high
school, KJ Jansen, Mike Eggermont and Mark O’Flaherty quickly evolved into a
real band with real instruments and real songs.
With incredible hooks, infectious energy, inspired lyrics, and the singular
motivation of having a laugh, the Calgary based band continued to produce
some of the catchiest pop-punk around.
Now alongside Tyler (Drums), Billy (Guitar), & Robbie (Bass), KJ carries on from
scene to shining scene hoping you enjoy the show as much as they inevitably
Let’s hear it for that!
The Manges
Old School Punk Rock
Since 1993
Current official squad:
ANDREA, vocals, guitar
MASS, bass
MANUEL, drums
MAYO, guitar
City: La Spezia, Italy
Headquarters: Skaletta Rock Club
Mission: suicide
Opening act for Queers or Bad Religion, Screeching Weasel covered one of their songs, they released a record and played with CJ Ramone: yeah, it’s The Manges!
In La Spezia, a small seaside town located in northern Italy, they started to play Ramones-style punk rock in 1993 and they are so dumb that they never stopped.
Old school punk rockers, matching striped t-shirts, speed, melodies, fun. 
The lyrics are inspired by movies and novels; irony, crime, war, rock references.
They recorded 5 albums and their discography includes many other releases (anthologies, eps, live, splits with Queers, Apers, McRackins, Hard-Ons). 
In their 27-year career they toured across all Europe, North America and Japan.
They shared the stage with bands as Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Descendents, Marky Ramone, Screeching Weasel, Queers, Riverdales, Mr T Experience, as well as playing a show as CJ Ramone backing band.
In 2007 they played in front of thousands of supporters of the soccer team Atalanta at the annual Festa della Dea in Bergamo (Italy).

They own the record label Striped Records and manage the Italian festival Punk Rock Raduno.

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Special Guest: THE MANGES (ITA)