Sa, 29.04.2023
Gefördert von Neustart Kultur, Initiative Musik und der BKM
Einlass: 23:00 | AK: 6 EUR für alle Floors
The Loyal Cheaters are an Italian Punk'n'Roll band formed in 2020 and influenced by artists like Sweet, Slade and Hellacopters.
They recorded on the same year their first single "Surrender" - a tribute to Cheap Trick.
Leaded by the frontwoman Lena McFrison, the band released its first album "Long Run...All Dead!" on 18 February 2022 for Dead Beat Records (USA).
The Loyal Cheaters presented their album live in Italy during 2022, sharing the stage with bands like Flogging Molly, Bouncing Souls, Sick of it All, Giuda & more.
​Their music and live gigs are conceived to show the high energy, straight to the point attitude that every member embraces, giving no rest throughout thrilling rythms and guitar solos.

Soul Gazer
Thrust together under the hazy neon lights of The Reeperbahn a chance encounter between fellow roving Brits Ty Freeman & Joel Phillips has given spawn to a new rock n roll project gloriously filthy and befitting of its sordid surroundings.

Following on from from a week long stint in Hamburg, that morphed into a lockdown enforced adventure of two years busking across Europe for Troubadour Freeman, He has finally put together a band of his favourite and hardest rocking musicians from between Zürich, Hamburg and Liverpool to bring to life all the music written during his explorations as the world shut down around him.

“Raw, visceral and pure rock n roll, with a voice that has to be heard to be believed. If this band don’t make you feel alive, then I’m sorry but your already dead!” - Keep Music Evil
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