Sa, 21.10.2023
Einlass: 23:00 | AK: 6 EUR für alle Floors
Listen closely! BATBAIT are luring their prey to the dancefloor
with their charming, raw sounds. Sometimes scratchy and dis-
torted, sometimes joyfully floating, their songs are for everyo-
ne who loves to let some energetic and guitar-loaded music
into their ears!

When the band was founded by Sandra Keller, Gianna Brüh-
wiler and Simona Bischof in 2019, they released their first EP
„paradise“ later that year, followed by two singles in 2020.
That autumn, Alanah Rüttimann joined the band to replace
the digital beats with an acoustic drum set. BATBAITs music
is mostly influenced by garage-rock, post-punk and indie but
always evolves with an openness to other references, giving
their songs a natural uniqueness.
Before a lot of concerts were cancelled due to the pandemic,
they played a couple of shows in places such as the Kiff Aarau,
Rote Fabrik Zürich, Schüür Luzern and ISC Club Bern.
2021 they won two awards at the m4music demotape clinic in
the categories „Rock“ and „Demo of the Year“.
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