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The Turbo ACs
The world is on the brink. The brink of what? Everything bad?
It all started on the streets of New York City in the early 90’s where the A.C.’s released a number of EPs and compilation tracks on various labels before issuing their debut full-length on NY/HC pioneer Blackout in 1996. Damnation Overdrive showcased the A.C.’s adrenaline-soaked punk rock n roll, a sound called Dick Dale + Motorhead + The Misfits well, it equalled touring, both in dingy clubs and the enormous Warped Tour stages. The A.C.’s returned in 1998 with Winner take All. This album expanded more into the surf guitar. The Turbo A.C.’s supported the effort with an exhausting run of live dates. Avenue X next appeared in June 2005, followed by Live to Win one year later, followed by Kill Everyone, their biggest album yet, in 2011! Which brings us up to date... RADIATION Throughout all of it, constantly touring America, Canada, Europe, and Australia, feeling right at home doing major tours with a diverse and impressive group of artists like Flogging Molly, The Dwarves, The Dropkick Murphys, Turbonegro, Boss Hoss, Elle King The Hellacopters, and more. “Where most NYC punk bands have trouble gigging outside of the tri-state area The Turbo AC’s are touring Europe on their own dime, sleeping in squats, crashing tour vans and then fixing it with duct tape (true story, I swear). If The Turbo AC’s were a black man with a funny hair-do they would be James Brown. - Put that in your nose and sniff it.” (James Lee - Punk Magazine)

When sweat drips from the ceiling and DAMPFMASCHINE rolls over the stage, you know what VISIONS meant when it said: “The ear doesn’t get any closer to the black textile of the Marshall speaker, rock can hardly be more authentic - or funnier!”. Always steam! (Immer Dampf!)

The Dirty Denims have been bringing a wave of energy and positivity to Rock’n’Roll fans worldwide since 2006. Their signature Happy Hardrock – a blend of Hard Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Punk Rock, and Power Pop – uplift spirits and ignites the party within. Inspired by bands like AC/DC, KISS, and Joan Jett, every song bursts with positive energy. That’s why these ladies and gentlemen are live at their best.
Alle Termine

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