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Love Your Witch:
Hailing from the heat of tel aviv, love your witch is a rock band that will make you sweat with their relentless music and outstanding performance.
This fresh trio delivers doomy stoner metal, stained with the good ol' classic 70's rock. In 2023 they released their 6th album "a journey into the unknown", and currently embarking on a tour following the production of their 7th upcoming album, featuring some of their new materials.

Hailing from Berlin, PIECE released their debut EP in 2017 via Soulwrecked Records. After a split record with Vancouver's progressive doom trio Empress in 2018,
the band faced some line up changes and found their way to regroup as a trio in 2020. During the pandemic, PIECE released the single „Titan Age” and teamed up with Mahnmal Records to pave the way for their first full length record “ANCIENT GREED”. A crushing mix of Doom, Sludge and fast paced Rock’n’Roll.

OAKFARM is like an old hidden vinyl from the 70's you've never heard of, lying untouched in an abandoned log cabin. When you put it on, sparks of live energy fly and the deep resonance of heavy rock raises the roof.Who are Oakfarm? Theseare Tobias Lemberger (guitar, vocals) from "Sons and Preachers", Dennis Oelze (drums) and Arne Döpper (bass) from "Bone Man". They got together in late 2020 and infused vintage blues rock with grunge, depth, power and catchy melodies. The band has been touring since 2022. Their live shows are full of jams and improvisations.The debut album was released on April 11th, 2024 on Pink Tank Records
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Support: Oakfarm